Quadrant 2 Inc. is a mobile app development company that specializes in creating innovative solutions that empower individuals and communities. The company was founded by a team of experienced developers and entrepreneurs who were passionate about using technology to create positive change in the world.One of Quadrant 2's most well-known apps is the Mobile Justice App, which is designed to provide users with the tools they need to document and report incidents of police misconduct and abuse of power.

The app allows users to record audio and video of the interaction between the user and the police officer, and provides users with information about their rights. Users can also use the app to report incidents of police misconduct to the relevant authorities.In addition to the Mobile Justice App, Quadrant 2 Inc. has also developed several other apps aimed at improving the lives of individuals and communities. These include apps for healthcare management, environmental monitoring, and social activism.Quadrant 2 Inc. is headquartered in New York City, but has a global reach, with users in countries around the world.

The company has demonstrated a commitment to using technology to create positive social change, and their apps have had a significant impact on the way that individuals and communities interact with each other and with the world around them.In 2011, Quadrant 2 Inc. also created an app called "I'm Getting Arrested" specifically for the Occupy Wall Street movement. This app was designed to help activists who were participating in Occupy Wall Street protests to quickly and easily notify their friends and family members if they were arrested by the police. When activated, the app would automatically send a pre-written message to a predetermined list of contacts, letting them know that the user had been arrested and providing them with the user's location.

The "I'm Getting Arrested" app was an important tool for activists who were putting themselves at risk by participating in the protests. By providing a quick and easy way to alert loved ones in case of arrest, the app helped to ensure that protesters were not left alone and unsupported in difficult situations.

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Team Jotto

Jason Van Anden
CEO & Systems Architect

Jason Van Anden is an accomplished inventor, artist, and engineer. He founded Quadrant 2 in 1996, where he has created an array of technologies for companies large and small ranging from industrial robotics to beloved consumer facing apps.

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Jonathan Scarpelli
Technical Project Manager
Jeffrey Dabo Amoah
Full stack software engineer

Highly seasoned engineer with a proven track record of accomplishments within the information technology and services sector. Possessing expertise in mobile and web development, as well as profound proficiency in database design and management.

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Ayesha Akhter
Quality Assurance Engineer
Rafid Karim
Full stack software engineer

A quick rundown of some of the work I have done during this short period: developing the Jotto Web App, a browser port for Jotto, development and implementation of AWS lambda functions that update data points within our database in real time.

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Chad Mathlin
Front End developer

As part of my accomplishments, I designed a demo web feed version of "Jotto," strategically presenting card components for individual channels through coding. Moreover, I crafted a "Jotto Demo" follow-up page, intended for channel subscription on the web-based platform.

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Sagar Shrestha
Full stack software engineer

Over the years, I've led and contributed to a range of projects, from end-to-end software development to optimizing data processes. My journey in the field has equipped me with a diverse skill set, enabling me to navigate various challenges effectively.

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