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Make it easy for everyone to engage with you

Instant engagement

Click and record stories, ideas and experiences in the moment

Valuable insights

Videos arrive in our private secure portal for your eyes only

Better decisions

Real voices provide genuine sentiment that will help you make the right choices
Make it easy for everyone to engage with you

Convenient access

People just scan a code or click a link and record whatever is on their mind, with Video, Audio or Text

Real-time Feedback

Videos instantly arrive in your secure console for review

Better decisions

Our AI helps saves significant time and instantly provides a wealth of feedback that would otherwise never be seen

Automatic Reports

Our AI helps you understand what your community needs

Mass Messaging via Push Notification

Organizations can send millions of messages to residents via rich push notifications at a fraction of the cost of SMS
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Scan this code or click the link and share with us how you might engage your community with Jotto.
Create and share a channel
Share channel access with your community members via link or QR code. Jotto is free for users and their personal info is not collected.
Send compelling Jotts
Your community will never miss a message! Send mobile push notifications and always keep your members up to date.
Get video feedback
Video messaging and super simple polls make it easy for your community to share what's truly important.
Analyze and take action
Organizations receive actionable feedback from their community to better accomplish future goals.

Video feedback from anyone anywhere anytime

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Jotto streamlines interactions between you and your community with a foundation of trust. Our direct, private and secure platform invites real understanding.

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"A 360 degree view of all my projects."

“It’s not lost on us that as technology and the world progresses that our methods must also evolve. Jotto has allowed us to modernize our advocacy work, expand our reach, and foster direct connections with individuals who are passionate about making their voices heard. This tool was critical in driving our 2022 campaigns’ success.”

Octavius Moore
Chair, Technology | Executive Committee Member
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Return on Investment

"Helps me stay on top of all marketing."

"Over the course of the year, we received more than 550 students responses via Jotto! Our increased touch points with students created a stronger sense of connection and increased our channels of communication."

Cate Graney LMSW Director
Home Based Crisis Intervention and Graduate Student Programs
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Return on Investment

"A 360 degree view of all my projects."

"We are here for our community. We want to listen and continue to collaborate on ways to strengthen our relationships with the community”

Lawrence Revell
Tallahassee Police Chief
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Return on Investment

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